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Visiting us for a behind the scenes visit

If you would like to visit us to see 'behind the scenes' how a crematorium works we'd love to welcome you. We have an open door policy and are happy to discuss our work, our procedures, or dispel any myths and answer any questions you have. 

Visits are by appointment so we can make sure a senior member of our staff is available to escort you and explain our processes. The visit can take place whilst cremations are taking place or when not; the choice is yours.

On seeing the cremation process the viewer can be reassured that all cremations take place individually, coffins are cremated with the deceased and that identity is maintained throughout the process so that a family can be sure that they receive the correct cremated remains.

For group visits arrangements depend on the numbers involved, as obviously we need to ensure we have space to work and cause no disruption to funeral services. Larger groups may have to be accommodated either in the evening or at a weekend by prior arrangement.

Our director and registrar frequently talks to groups of trainee officiants or ministers, nursing home staff and funeral directing staff about the procedures at the crematorium and is always happy to discuss these further. If you would like to book a talk contact us to discuss.